Splendid Jugs on Safari

As you know we have a voracious want for all things relating to Jugs (of a splendid disposition).
While out on Safari, we ensure that our helpers, jolly good chaps of the Umani village carry all our trappings of civilisation.
Just because we are out in the heathen jungle doesn’t mean we should allow standards to drop.
So as well as our comfortable chairs, full dinner table to seat 15 if we have guests
we always bring a fine selection of jugs because as you know we have a penchant for the finer things in life and needless
to say we are more than a little enthusiastic about jugs and as you can
imagine our calendar is an absolute social whirl; what with hunting tigers
out in India, elephants out in Africa and what with having afternoon tea with the Raj.

I haven’t see Carruthers for a few days, so I assume he has gone deep in the jungle is search of the lost jugs
of the Indian jungle.


Lord Henry Forbes-Hollister OBE out on safari

Lord Henry Forbes-Hollister
OBE out on safari

We hope that everything is tickety-boo for you and please
have a splendid day…

Lord Henry Forbes-Hollister OBE
http://www.splendid jugs.com

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