Splendid Jugs at the center of the Earth

Thanks to the splendid efforts of Professor Dmitri Anatolie Kentaroff (A Russian fellow, don’t you know?) thanks to his fabulous invention the Petra-funicular (of which I  have sole financed) we have been able to spread further evangelising the finer things to the world. I must say the professor is a lovely chap (for a foreigner) even though he didn’t attend Eton!

This most discombobulating of technical contraptions allows the Petra-nauts to traverse the before uncharted paths of the underground realm to the interior of our own planet. The contraption though ingenious is a dreadful bone shaker though, the amount of times my maid Mollie had her jugs ferociously shaken not to mention the number of times my monocle fell out of my eye socket is not really up for discussion.

Imagine our surprise to come upon these savage heathen creatures (known only as the mole men) who know nothing about the most important matters of King and country, though they do have a surprising critical eye for the finer things of a modern British life. I am of course referring to our splendid jugs. (Had Molly been born to a wealthier family and of course not been of the gentler sex  could have had a career in diplomacy as she very quickly built bridges with the locals.



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