Welcome to Splendid Jugs


Please accept our sincerest gratitude for visiting and in fact
showing interest in our steam powered site – SplendidJugs.comWelcome to Splendid Jugs…
The gears have been turning furiously and I have had to get my
coal Walla working double shifts to put more coal in the furnace
whatcha-ma-call-it to keep the steam engine turning.I must say that you have uncommonly good taste to have
visited us.  But the question you must be asking yourself is
what are we about?
Well we are an exclusive club that has been set up for our love of crockery
we are situated in Blighty (don’t you know?)
Though we have been known to allow the odd Johnny Foreigner
to join our ranks if they can prove that they are descended from
good elite stock.I mean we have to move with the times what with
being in the new century its very nearly 1902 and we have to be open
to all the citizens of the British Empah!

Furthermore we have a penchant for the finer things in life and needless
to say we are more than a little enthusiastic about jugs and as you can
imagine our calendar is an absolute social whirl; what with attending my
private club, various adventures and going to Buckingham palace to have tea and crumpets with King Edward.

We I’m sure that all you well-to-do ladies and gentlemen know to what I refer.

Anyway it is top-hole to see you here feel free to correspond with us
send us all your thoughts and suggestions and we will get those  letters read by
my letter Walla as soon as I can decipher what you would like.

We hope that everything is tickety-boo for you and please
have a splendid day…
Lord Henry Forbes-Hollister OBE
http://www.splendid jugs.com







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